Bring out the BOHO in YOU!!


Welcome to the BohoPad by SufiLiving!

Call it Bohemian, Boho, Gipsy, Hippie, Darvish, or Sufi inspired; they all represent the same essence, style and even mindset, just labeled different by different cultures. Inspired by these styles and with a free spirit, oneness with nature, rejuvenation and cultural awareness in mind, we created and present to you our BohoPad.

My wife and I LOVE Charlotte for many reasons! Among them are the weather, the people, the opportunities and, at the top of the list, as the place where we met.

Our paths could not be more different. She was born in Belarus and with the help of her dad and her hard work was able to come to America. Arriving first in NY, she later moved to Boston and finally made her way to Charlotte. I was born in Iran, lived in India as a kid, before moving to California first and later to Charlotte in 1990 at the age of 10 with my family. 

Finding ways to bring cultures together has always been my passion.  

My first go at it was putting together international parties in order to use music and dance as a way to bring cultures together and spread diversity and acceptance in Charlotte. As I transitioned into real estate, that idea took a back seat through the rollercoaster ride of 2009 and the rough recovery following it.

That was the case until we were standing in the full cedar panel bedroom of a 1945, two-bedrooms, two-bath home in South Charlotte which needed a LOT of work.

We saw past the work and loved what it could be!

It could be not only our opportunity to create something that we had both talked about and dreamed about for a while, as far as design goes, but also a chance to use the property as a way to revisit the idea of spreading cultural awareness in Charlotte. 

As Charlotte gets more diverse and becomes a more beautiful melting pot, we hope the experience people have while staying at the BohoPad contributes to the understanding of the beauty in different cultures melting together.  

Our first guest was on the phone with us as she walked into the door and gave us the best and most perfect first feedback. This world traveler staying at the BohoPad for a week, said she felt like she had stepped into a home from her travels and it was a bit surreal that the property is located in South Charlotte on the edge of Matthews near the Arboretum.